Key words: Building Virtual World, Interactive Game, Virtual Reality (VR), 3D Arts

Platform: Quest 2

Sep. 2021

Dr.Spoofensmirtz  is an VR based interactive video game; in Building Virtual World, we grouped as five and produced the interactive experience in about 2 weeks.

The core gameplay of Dr.Spoofensmirtz is puzzle and room-escaping. VR platform is suitable for immersive game experiences. Visually, we designed the guidance friendly to new users and conducted several play-testings to improve the players' experience within this world.  

Programer: Faris Elrayes, Xiaoying (Alexa) Wang

Artist: Wenbo (Glendon) Guo, Yi Hsiu (Danny) Huang

Sound Designer: Gillian Ryan

​Individual Contribution:

I took responsible for 3D modeling, 3D model texturing, interface and experience design and gameplay ideation in this project. The original idea was derived from my personal observation of real life room escaping and team members' idea of building the chemistry lab. 3D models were done with Maya, textures were finished with Substance Painter, and in-game 2D arts were done by Figma. General gameplays relied on visual hints, the connections between each steps and some voice guidances.