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As an artist, Glendon Guo uses mixed-media techniques to capture all kinds of internal connections in the real world, and represents them as visual languages. In his mind, all beings interact and correlate with others. All the interactions and relationships address the existence of the matters. In his work, Guo is making the connections into physical or visual information and calling attention to them.


Born in a traditional Chinese family, Guo is greatly influenced by traditional Chinese art formats. With ten years of practicing Chinese ink wash painting and calligraphy, he utilizes the Chinese philosophy in almost all of his work, such as the idea of balance and the idea of empty space in many of his pieces. In 2016 - 2020, Guo attended University of Rochester and majored in Studio Arts, Math and Digital Media Studies. In 2021, Guo attended Entertainment Technology Center at Carnegie Mellon University for Master of Entertainment Technology.

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