KIND Keep It Non-Damaging

Key words: Cyber Bullying, App Development, UI/UX, User Research

Format: Google Chrome Plugin

Sep.2019 - May.2020

Team Lead: Emma Chang

Lead Designer: Wenbo (Glendon) Guo

Researcher: Emma Chang, Yiyun Yao

Programer: Maria Fernanda Mancheno, Rowland Zhang

Marketing Specialist: Yiyun Yao

KIND is a year-long research and design based project, aiming for educating teenagers 8-17 years old about cyber-bully. 

For our Capstone project, we are creating a Google Chrome plugin that aims to pause a person before submitting a potentially hurtful comment. With this plugin, we hope to remind social media users that when they’re leaving a hurtful comment on someone’s post, they are negatively affecting that person’s life. We understand that as humans, we don’t often realize the weight our words might hold. Sometimes we are so emotional when writing a comment or message that a few hours later, we regret doing so.

PAT will recognize a potentially harmful comment and put it a hold to it. A loading screen will pop up for about 5 seconds, and the hurtful words that were just typed out will be underlined in red. Next, a message will pop up, one that will be different depending on the user and message typed. Our messages are focused on making the user reflect on what they just said and accepting responsibility for what they’re saying.

We launched KIND on Chrome web store from April 2020 to September 2020.

Individual Contributions:

Took responsibility for UI/UX design and visual communication; developed concept and promo video with Adobe AE; organized and formatted design documents; helped in designing researches and conducting survey, focus group.

KIND  Concept and Promo Video (made with Adobe AE):

Parts of Design Document: Full Document Click HERE