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Maho Shojo Simulation

Key words: Building Virtual World, Interactive Game, Virtual Reality, Visual Effects

Platform: Vive VR + Tracker

Oct. 2021

Maho Shojo (Magic Girl) Simulation  is an VR based interactive video game; in Building Virtual World, we grouped as five and produced the mini interactive experience in  6 days. 

For designing a game for Vive VR + Tracker, we naturally connected the gameplay with magic spells. VR experience strongly rely on visual effects and immersive interactions. For the in-game user interface and experience, we designed VFX for hand tracking and guidances for players.

Programer: Huijie Bao, Muru Chen

Artist: Wenbo (Glendon) Guo, Xingtong (Sandra) Liu

Sound Designer: Yu'an Tan

​Individual Contribution:

I took responsible for VFX (Visual Effects), Logo development, interface and experience design and gameplay brainstorm in this project. For visual effects, I designed magic circles with Procreate and build up the visual effects with particle system in Unity. The other visual effects are also designed and developed with particle systems. For UI/UX aspects, hand tracking UI and floating shapes are user-friendly even for 'naive players'.

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