Once Upon A Wolf

Key words: Building Virtual World, Interactive Game, Augmented Reality (AR), Level Design

Platform: Hololens 2

Sep. 2021

Once Upon a Wolf  is an AR based interactive video game; in Building Virtual World, we grouped as five and produced the interactive experience within about 2 weeks.

The AR game experience has three different way of interactions. Two of them are gameplay actions - lifting and rotating. The third one is centered with the device and AR media: players can walk around in the space to interact with the game level. In designing AR, we approach the design thinking differently from VR, the more immersive way of interaction; which means, we enlarged the power of audience and had our players can indirectly control the main character's movement.

Once Upon A Wolf.png

Programer: Jiang Shan, Shiqing (Alyssa) Tang

Artist: Wenbo (Glendon) Guo, Yingzi (Eiko) Qu

Sound Designer: Tuesday Becker

​Individual Contribution:

I took responsible for 3D modeling, 3D model texturing, UI/UX design, level design and gameplay ideation in this project. The inspiration was inspired by my childhood experience with 3D table maze. 3D models were done with Maya, textures were finished with Substance Painter and Substance Designer. I also designed the user experiences and interactions using AR as media.