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The Aroma

Collaboration; Hand-made Book


11 inch x 8.5 inch

The artist (Glendon) have 15 different artists paint based on given fifteen different perfumes. Participants do not have any other information except the smells.

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The size, weight or speed of matters can always be measured or calculated – they are all standard and objective properties. What people always do to colors and smells are classifying and comparing. Based on people’s different experiences and perspectives, does everyone have the same perception of the colors? Does everyone smell the same? How much does the subjective thinking influence the perception in such a constant analogy and translation process? These are all questions without answers.


The practices of building links between smells and colors can bring more accidents – more unexpected outcomes. These outcomes can be the most accurate reflection of individuals’ subjective perceptions. You would say “I have the same feeling”, “I identified with…” or the opposite? Exposing the differences and similarities is emphasizing the uniqueness of each individual human being.

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