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In / On / Off

My thesis exhibition ‘In/On/Off (Preposition)’ shows the wide sweep of my art practice and thinking. Ranging from digital art to traditional paper-based formats, my work plays with scale, perspective, and negative space. I explore the many different possibilities of mixed-media and all the feasible relationships between different surfaces or spaces. I also strive to emphasize content and media at the same time through the manipulation of the medium that hosts the content (for example, the paper that hosts the lines and dots), I want to either introduce a two-dimensional surface into the three-dimensional space or compress the different dimensions into a specific medium that I call the ‘window.’

I am interested in the unity of opposites. This exhibition attempts to situate logic and romance, science and fantasy, grand topics and private life in a same spot. The ‘micro’ and ‘macro’ alternatively compose the whole world; from the quark to the universe, from the zeroth dimension to the eleventh dimension (M-theory), all substances are composed by particles and exist as the components for the larger structure. Every existence is large and small, grand and minor at the same time. My personal life and feelings do not escape these investigations. So as to create a dialogue with the audience, I utilize the same visual vocabulary and expand specific and personal objects to occupy a place in a macrocosmic view.

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