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Self-Portrait Vol.2

Touching is encouraged for viewers. Once they touch the piece, viewers can feel the uneven texture and hear the sound of pressing plastic underneath the TPU film.

Content on the paster: Making ID, stamp

Interactive Mixed-media Painting

Mixed-media painting covered by resin, plastic film and TPU film; paster on the TPU film


38 inch x 70 inch


The commercial life is an important element of modern people's daily experience. We can see advertisements on the phone, in televisions, or along streets; commercial transactions also happen everywhere. I abstractly depict the models in shopwindow and juxtapose an ad which is common in my hometown's old alleys.

The juxtaposition reflects some of my ideas about contemporary commercial experience. Everyone is exposed to the fancy advertising culture. All of the figures in digital advertisements or in shopwindow are super attractive - they have perfect body shapes, smooth skins, and gorgeous clothes. However, this form of commercial culture is far away from our ordinary life. The images of advertisements are always too perfect to be sure. It is the lower level commodity market that always permeates the lives of people, such as the market of the small ads. 

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