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Self-Portrait Vol.3

Interactive Mixed-media Painting

Mouse is provided for viewers to interact with this piece; viewers can see different text boxes by moving the mouse onto some areas.

Mixed-media painting (covered by resin) with projection


38 inch x 70 inch


All the people have their life in cyberspace. In many people's mind, cyberspace is a space with freedom. Cyberspace is seemingly transparent space, since it is fully generated by people and all the activities in this space can be retrieved by code. I have had a concern on the effects of cyberspace for a long while. It is hard for the public to realize that their behaviors are actually manipulated by some other powers. For one, people's ideas are always influenced by directions of public opinion on social platforms. For another, since the large technology or Internet companies are not always fully independent from governments' power, governments can always subtly influence people's ideas or secretly deprive the opposites' freedom of speech.

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